“Christian Lee” – Muttley’s Mutt of the Week

Christian Lee, the boy with the saddest brown eyes.  He misses home and he misses his family. He finds minimal comfort in us, only because he loves people; but he knows we aren’t “his people”. He’s such a sweet boy with a wonderful disposition, we can’t help but be sad for him.  Life happened for his previous family, he was very reluctantly brought to us; entrusting us with a piece of their heart. While taking his pictures this morning, I PROMISED today would be his last day in our shelter, so let’s make that happen! Christian Lee is an approximately 7 year old, neutered Shar-Pei/Labrador Retriever mix; aren’t his tiny ears the cutest?  Although they can be a little sensitive at times.  He gets along wonderfully with kids, dogs and even cats! He’s out of his rough and rowdy stage, he needs dogs on his level and kids that simple want to cuddle.  Chill time in the back yard and evening walks to keep him young, just a relaxed lifestyle like he is. Christian Lee is house, leash and crate trained; he’s got all the good things going for him, he’s just missing a home. Christian Lee is going to need time to adjust and build a new bond, he still wants his old life back so his new life is gonna take some getting used to; patience and love is key.  Christian Lee’s adoption fee is $65. This fee covers his initial vaccines, rabies vaccine, wellness exam, neuter and heartworm antigen test. Our hours of operation are 10-4, Monday-Saturday. Please stop by 321 Carol Brown Blvd., give us a call at 580-223-7070 or send us a message for more information

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