The 60 Minute All Request Commercial Free Ride Home

Join Muttley each weekday in the 5 o’clock hour for the “ALL REQUEST COMMERCIAL FREE RIDE HOME” that’s right, all requests with Muttley’s big mouth and no pesky commercials!

If you have a request call 580-226-7699


Sponsored by:  Sonic – America’s Drive In

Click the LOGO to find out mor about Sonic’s Queso Burger for just $3.99. A 100% pure beef patty now with everyone’s favorite dip, queso, topped with hatch green chiles and grilled onions. It’s the best-queso scenario and The new Espresso Shake and OREO Espresso shake. A bold double shot of espresso blended with real vanilla ice cream with the option to add OREO cookie pieces. For a limited time only at Sonic.